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  • Specialist Supplies


Company Background

A manufacturing business based near Chard in South Somerset, Swisstulle are amongst the international market leaders in their niche product. Although not a construction related business they are entering into a strategic “eco refurbishment” of their historic and part listed premises at Perry Street. There is also a desire to explore various forms of renewable energy in order to reduce future energy costs. The original Mill building site sits on a watercourse and therefore Swisstulle have a particular interest in the possibility of reinstating Hydro Power as a source of electricity generation on the site. The company approached The Genesis Centre with a view to using it as a source of advice and referral to specialists, who might be able to assist with the regeneration plans using the resources which exist within the KEG Project membership. This has the potential to assist KEG members, with the resulting case study material being useful to industry and education sectors.

Business Aims

To “Green Up” the business over a period of time using a sustainable approach to refurbishment. Use environmental technology and renewable energy to reduce future energy costs and introduce an element of self sufficiency on site through energy generation. To utilise the resulting case study material for the benefit of future generations, local schools, colleges and the community. To take advantage of any promotional opportunities resulting from the project.

Products and Services

In terms of what Swisstulle produce - very fine cotton fabric of high quality for use in the

  • Military and Technical
  • Fashion
  • Film and Theatre industries.

Contact Details

Swisstulle Ltd.
Factory Lane
Perry Street
South Chard,
TA20 2NR

TEL 01460 220312
Email - zubaida@swisstulle.co.uk 
Website - www.swisstulle.co.uk

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