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  • Renewable Energy Contractors & Installers

Save & Generate

The Team at Save and Generate

Company Background

Save & Generate is a small independent energy consultancy passionate about the uptake of distributed energy generation and the move towards a more sustainable society. Founded 3 years ago as a largely web-based energy consultancy business, the company has since evolved to being more customer-facing in the provision of a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy microgeneration consultancy services to public, private and third sector clients.

Over the last 2 years we have formed a number of key strategic partnerships with companies such as Nationwide Utilities, Inside Knowledge, City of Bristol College, Bristol Power CIC, and Bristol Power Coop to deliver technical consultancy support services and educational support to a wide range of clients.

Save & Generate's Founding Director Michael Soldner has over 12 years experience in energy and carbon management, environmental regulation, industrial environmental management, and climate change. 

Business Aims

With our strong technical knowledge and wide customer base, Save & Generate is well positioned in the market place to develop and deliver integrated energy solutions for whole communities. This is where we see our strength and this is where we want to focus our business activities moving forward.  

Products and Services

  • Strategy & guidance development 
  • Energy management
  • Sustainable building design and construction
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Performance monitoring & reporting
  • Climate change advice
  • Compliance support
  • Energy contract brokering
  • Educational services for professionals, colleges, schools
  • Community energy support services
  • Market studies and trend forecasting

Contact Details

Mike Söldner
Save & Generate

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