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Rooftop Consulting Ltd

Robin And Vanessa of RoofTop Consulatncy Ltd

Company Background

Rooftop Consulting Ltd was incorporated in 2010 to explore investment opportunities in green energy.  Rooftop helps property managers and community groups realise schemes that might otherwise fall outside their resources of time and money.

Business Aims

Rooftop will develop and help to pay for viable mid to large scale renewable energy projects through direct investment and the co-ordinated investment of others. Rooftop will inject capital where banks will not lend.

Rooftop may make a borderline scheme viable, a viable scheme particularly profitable or save a client the cost of investing in an unviable project.

Products and Services

Businesses and charities are put off investment in renewable power plant by perceived ‘hassle’ and ‘cost’.  Rooftop removes hassle by acting as a single point of contact for busy clients through the Rooftop Turnkey Procurement Service and reduces cost through the use of the special Rooftop Deferred Purchase model.

To extend the scope of the Rooftop Deferred Purchase model we are exploring options for wider community engagement by helping local environmental groups with Co-op funding plans linked directly to Rooftop investment at schools and community buildings in their area.

a recent 'Rooftop' deferred purchase system cleverly installed at Wells Cathedral School

Contact Details

Robin is a Chartered Surveyor and registered Valuer with 25 years experience gained in the property industry and has been deeply immersed in the world of solar-pv since mid 2010.

Vanessa manages several businesses from her home office in Theale, Somerset.  The experience she has gained throughout her career working in a variety of industries has allowed her outlook to be both fresh and innovative.

Ring Robin on 01934 712826 or email robinmewes@rooftop-pv.com and

Ring Vanessa on 01934 712286 or email vanessabecker-hughes@rooftop-pv.com

Website: www.rooftop-pv.com

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