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Nick Meech Design

Nick Meech

Company Background

We are a design led business with 14 years of development and proven innovator in this developing sector.

The combination of our skills in using natural materials has helped keep us at the forefront of good practice in sustainability.

Business Aims

We have just started the Local is um…. development programme to find new ways that artists can attract people’s attention to local issues and inspire them to get involved. 

During 2012 we will also be working on the Whole R&D project looking at new ways to make architecture more sustainable with a particular emphasis on landscape impact.

Products and Services

Nick Meech Design makes countryside furniture and interpretation products. Our design and make service often starts with a public consultation to help inform a design brief that can result in innovative solutions to common problems. This has in recent contracts delivered anti dog fouling initiative to encourage walking to school, new school security fencing designs and perch shelters made with apprentices from a local shipyard. 

As the public consultation part of our work has grown over the years we have increasingly sought to reach out to a wider cross section of communities to make local projects more democratic.
A Fan Shelter

Contact Details

Email - nick@nickmeechdesign.com
Webste - www.nickmeechdesign.com

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