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Jon Lewes

Company Background

localGen are microgeneration management contractors and energy analysts including investment appraisals/benchmarking, building independent power production capacity (IPP), energy management and control.

localGen are establishing themselves as Community Energy Project Managers and are working to inform and assist local communities and individuals in Somerset that have realized the need to become self-sufficient in power and intend to get going to ensure that the power they consume is clean, ‘organic’ power.

Business Aims

localGen provides advice and resources to local communities looking to develop the community's energy resilience by developing energy-efficiency measures and electricity generation at or close to the point of consumption. LocalGen now have an energy centre based in Ditton Street, Ilminster, Somerset called the Home Energy Centre, a meeting place for suppliers and homeowners.

The Home Energy Centre offers a small group of suppliers that share common cause for sustainability to work together to promote their way of thinking together with their products and services to a sector of the public that is growing in size - and needs information and access to solutions. Read more on this here

Products and Services

LocalGen helps domestic and commercial clients to

  • Become aware of the value of developing local energy resilience
  • Reduce energy usage through use of wireless web based energy monitoring systems
  • Analyse and evaluate the value for money of micro-generation options
  • Evaluate procurement and financing options

Energy-efficiency products available from the Home Energy Centre include

Home Energy Centre with Trevor Payne (KEG) & Bruce Nottrodt (CME)

Contact Details

localGen Ltd
Home Energy Centre
Horton House
8 Ditton Street
TA19 0BQ
United Kingdom
0044 (0)1460 250986

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