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Greencott Ltd

Company Background

A new business owned by Mike Endicott and based in Stogursey, West Somerset.  Greencott will specialise in the supply, distribution and installation of internal clay finishes, some of which will be from existing and established UK and European manufacturers such as “Clay works”.  Mike is also an agent and distributor for the innovative “Iso Chemie” foam weather seal products, which provide a high tech solution to the problem of weather sealing and air tightness in buildings.  Mike has a PhD in science based disciplines and applies this expertise to environmental technology. He also has a background in construction and is an experienced self builder.

Business Aims

The business aim is to promote these products and services across the South West and to eventually move into training companies and individuals in the application of Clay finishes, as well as promoting sustainability in construction generally. These products have strong “green credentials” which will suit the burgeoning sustainability market.

Products and Services

  • Installation of internal clay finish products from various suppliers in the UK and Europe.
  • Supply and distribution of the above products.
  • Supply of Iso Chemie foam weather seal products – increasingly important to meet the latest air tightness requirements of building regulations.

Contact Details

Greencott Ltd
4 St Andrews Rd
Phone 01278 733887   or   07816 985128
Email - mikeoceans@hotmail.com


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