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Common Sense Solatubes

Nigel Beale Portrait Picture

Company Background

Common Sense Solatubes UK Ltd is the authorised distributor and installer for Solatube light pipes throughout the southwest, covering Somerset, Devon, Dorset and parts of Wiltshire and Cornwall. We are specialists in eco-friendly and sustainable products and solutions, providing a reliable, professional and friendly service. Solatube is a proven and well established product, selling over 2 million systems worldwide over the last 20 years, making it the largest and most trusted manufacturer of tubular daylight systems in the world.

Business Aims

To be the leading installer of Solatube light pipes in the south west, providing honest, impartial help and advice at all times. To provide a professional, reliable and friendly service to residential and commercial clients alike by adopting an ethical approach to our business and the way in which we deal with our customers, ensuring transparency at all stages.

Products and Services

Solatube light pipes

  • Light up dark rooms and interiors - residential and commercial
  • Pipe daylight from your roof down a highly reflective tube
  • Deliver bright light in excess of an 80w bulb
  • Electric-free lighting where windows or roof lights can't reach
  • 3 sizes available to accommodate any situation:
  • Standard 350mm/14"dia
  • Compact 250mm/10" dia
  • Commercial 530mm/21" dia
  • Up to 10m+ tube length in almost any type of roof    
  • Requires no structural alternations

SolaBreeze ventilation and extraction solution

  • Solar powered ventilation and extraction system
  • Neat and compact roof mounted unit
  • Built-in solar PV panel uses the suns' power to drive high volume fan
  • Trickle ventilates at night
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Draws warm, stale air out, creating a flow of incoming fresh air
  • A great way to ventilate any property, particularly vacant ones, at no cost
Solatube Roof Install

Contact Details

Nigel Beale,
01460 61824
07989 976 010

We are based in Forton, near Chard.

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