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Construction professionals have been part of Genesis since the beginning. The way in which we work together now means that professional  visit Genesis for new ideas, to find out how sustainable construction works in practise, to network and to take sustainable construction courses as well as using the space for their own projects and meetings.

Many construction companies and organisations have pledged their skills as partners to Genesis to provide expertise and products and sponsorship for events held at the Genesis Centre.

Continuing professional development courses for construction professionals and people involved in self build or interested in sustainability in general are run from the Centre with speakers at the cutting edge of sustainable construction.

Sponsorship opportunities are available and can provide excellent exposure for your company. We deliver large themed community events drawing people from all over the region and the Centre is promoted as a visitor attraction throughout the South West.

We can guarantee that your products and services can be integrated to the activities that take place in the Centre. You can also take an ongoing space in the chill out centre in the Earth pavilion where your products and services can be seen by visitors in a tranquil environment.

As well as the exposure and the opportunity for marketing your products and services you will also be able to use the Centre for your own purposes, for example corporate events, products launches and exhibitions.

For further information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Tim Simmons
Sustainable Construction Manager
01823 366528

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