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The Knowledge Exchange at Genesis project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF].

Its aim is to proactively engage with small and medium sized construction and related businesses across the South West, with a view to expanding the knowledge and application of sustainable methods of construction, renewable energy systems and related technology.

The European Regional Development Fund South West Competitiveness and Employment Programme 2007-2013 is managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government. The programme of investment from the European Union is helping to increase the prosperity of the region through supporting enterprise and individuals to develop ideas and plans which contribute to increased productivity and competitiveness. The total amount of investment across the seven-year programme is £108,751,309.

There is no cost in signing up to the project and the time that you devote to it is largely a matter for you to decide.

Part of the remit of the project is that we demonstrate growth in the participant companies, both in terms of financial turnover and profit as well as the uptake of sustainable systems and activity that helps to generate this growth. Possible benefits to your business in signing up to the project could be:

  • Being part of a selected group of likeminded companies across the region, which have a desire to engage in sustainable construction and can help each other. [Valuable networking].
  • Being linked with the established “Genesis” brand that is growing in stature. Genesis is now the National Skills Academy regional lead “hub” for Environmental Technology.
  • Exposure on this website, which will include case studies from the KEG participant specialists. [Promotional opportunity].
  • A chance to demonstrate “Green Credentials” to your customer base and others.
  • Sustainable construction information and guidance brought to you by KEG participants and our partners in the business and education sectors.
  • The opportunity to have “Enablers” on site (free of charge) who can assist with knowledge exchange by bringing expertise to your business, or perhaps collecting knowledge that you are prepared to share, about sustainability activity that you are engaged in. This can then be used for educational purposes.
  • Invitations to seminars, briefings, events and training etc. either here at Genesis/Somerset College, or with our partners at City of Bristol College, Plymouth City College and Weymouth College. There may be an opportunity for you to promote and possibly make presentations at  these events.
  • An opportunity for your business to be associated with educational establishments, which could raise your company profile.

Administration work relating to project activity is dealt with here at Genesis, so your business will not be burdened with additional paperwork and red tape. We endeavour to make membership as easy for you as possible.

The Sustainable Construction agenda is expanding rapidly and is becoming increasingly important. This is being driven by government directives in terms of new Building Regulations, The Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM assessments and Low Carbon targets. These measures are being supported by incentives such as the Feed In Tariff [FIT], Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI] and the government “Green Deal”.

The KEG Project can help with the application and understanding of these issues. Please feel free to call us or click here if you are interested in membership.

Trevor Payne MCIOB
Sustainability Broker
01823 366 742
07825 041 668

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