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Diploma in Green Deal Advice
Subject: Construction
Type: CPD
Qualification Level: 3
Duration: 2 Months (PT)
Division: Genesis Centre
Attendance: A series of Masterclasses - then Distance Learning via online Scoodle resources
Awarding Body: City and Guilds
Location: Somerset College
Mode of study: PT
Mode of delivery: Distance Learning
Start date: Various
How to apply: Direct to College

This course is ideal for anyone looking to get involved in the Green Deal, both new entrants and existing energy professionals (such as DEAs).


Green Deal Advisors (GDAs) will provide information and support to householders to help them improve their energy efficiency, thereby reducing their fuel bills and carbon emissions.

As part of the Home Energy Savings (HES) programme to move the UK towards becoming a low carbon economy, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) have jointly published a consultation on 'Heat and Energy Saving Strategy'. This document sets out the Government's vision up to 2020 and beyond, with the Green Deal at the heart of this vision.

The Green Deal will allow individuals and businesses to make energy efficiency improvements to their buildings at no upfront cost. Central to the Green Deal is a finance mechanism that will allow access to the finance needed for the improvements, with repayment being made in instalments linked to utility bills based on the cost-savings that the installed measures achieve - effectively meaning that consumers will pay-as-they-save.

The Domestic Green Deal Advisor (GDA) role more specifically will be to identify and promote how individual householders can reduce their energy usage through changes to their property (e.g. getting cavity wall insulation or renewable energy technologies installed) and changes to their energy consumption behaviour (e.g. not leaving the TV or other equipment on standby).

Only qualified Green Deal Advisors will be able to undertake this work and provide customers with access to this funding.

Not only is the Green Deal a great offer for customers; it is also a great opportunity for firms to compete in a new market. The DECC has indicated that the Green Deal will drive billions of pounds of investment in energy efficiency measures over the next decade. 

Teaching and Assessment

Training course content and duration may vary from the above information, as the courses are constantly being updated and developed to meet the needs of delegates. The time taken to fully complete each course will vary depending on the candidate’s ability and available time to complete course modules. Average timescales can be provided but these are for guidance purposes only.


Existing DEA's train from as little as £1115.00 or £2160.00 for new entrants (no VAT)


For further guidance and advice contact college information on 01823 366331 or enquiries@somerset.ac.uk


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