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Internship Study Programme
Subject: Step Up Courses
Type: FE
Qualification Level: Various
Duration: 5 Days (FT)
Division: Foundation Learning
Attendance: Dependent on a capability assessment conducted at the college
Location: Somerset College
Mode of study: FT
Mode of delivery: College-based
Start date: Various
How to apply: Telephone Admin - Deborah Fawcett 01823 366384 Amanda Faccini 01823 366481

Learners that have a Learning Disability or Difficulty.

The programme is a one year internship targeted at students whose goal is sustainable employment. The programme takes place at a host employer where the job role is modelled in respect of the intern and teaching and learning takes place alongside to acquire competitive work skills.

A unique attribute of the scheme is the emphasis on collaboration. It is driven by partnerships, job coaches and business leaders.

The outcome is obtaining paid employment for individuals with learning disabilities.


Supported Internship scheme - Developing a whole life approach to supporting young people with LDD.

Internships help young people gain systematic employment skills. They help develop skill sets in teamwork and productivity which become invaluable in future careers.

With the help of a dedicated job coach and direct links with College tutors the vision is to enhance the Interns employability skills in line with the needs and interests of both the Intern and employer.

The prime purpose of Supported Internships is to provide Interns with a meaningful experience.

These Internships are aimed at employers that are, in the future, either thinking of employing suitably trained staff or need to fill a recognised employment gap in their own workplace.

The principle is systematic instruction:

Positive approach to training of young people with disabilities, enabling them to provide a wide range of skill training. The job coach is responsible for helping to analyse a business need and modelling the Interns learning both theoretically and practically to reflect a credible workforce in respect of the host employer or another chosen employer.

Personal Skills


Teaching and Assessment

Interns will be expected to develop thier English and mathematics skills. Capable learners will be encouraged to study Employability units as part of their overall programme.

Career Opportunities

Benefits to the interns include:

- Competitive, transferable and marketable job skills
- Increased independance, confidence and self esteem
- On site and individualised instruction and support
- Varied employment within a credible workplace

Entry Requirements

A sound assessment process will be conducted by the College for each Intern respectively. This will include a non-intrusive assessment of the working environment/area/station in relation to the Interns assessed capabilities.

Employer interview process:

To meet the model of intended sustainable employment outcomes the interview process is deemed to be an integral part of the Interns journey. An informal interview comprising of the employer, the Intern and the Job Coach will aid the supported process from the outset.



Free to 16-19 through the study programme funding.
High cost learners will require additional top up funding through the local authority.


Telephone Foundation Learning Administrator Deborah Fawcett 01823 366384 Amanda Faccini 01823 366481
or e mail deborah.fawcett@somerset.ac.uk or amanda.faccini@somerset@somerset.ac.uk

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