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Images of Sustainability at Somerset College

While Genesis has been progressing, work has also been going on across the College to develop sustainable practise throughout the campus.

Lessons learnt from Genesis have been significant. Estates work across the campus now considers sustainable practise in every area. Our campus rebuild started in 2001 with the Technology centre which uses rainwater harvesting and heat centre isolation. All new build projects now aim for Breeam excellence status. Light sensor technology is now in most campus areas and new energy efficiency measures are continually adopted. Having benchmarked our carbon footprint in 2007 we now aim to reduce it year on year.

Recycling is strong at the College with recycling centres based outside all work areas and landfill bins removed from classrooms and offices which constantly challenges the whole waste mind set

The Staff Champions voluntary network is now 4 years old and nearly 10% of staff have joined or been involved in the network. Champions take part in numerous initiatives and champion sustainability in their own work area. This may be through student curriculum projects, office projects to reduce waste, work on energy usage, paper use, community initiatives with transition towns or villages and other local schemes. Many are involved in voluntary organisations and use their skills in College.

The College estimated its carbon footprint in 2007 and since then has reduced energy, landfill and much more. The 2009 carbon footprint will demonstrate some of the progress made towards being a zero carbon college. All new builds including the proposed new arts, sports and construction centres aim to meet maximum Breeam standards

All University level courses have sustainability written in to their curriculum and it is planned that all 16 - 19 years olds will learn about sustainable development either through their courses or the tutorial programme.

We celebrate World Environment day annually with events and activities for staff and students. We also look for best student sustainability project for the year across all areas of the College. In 2008 the Entry students won it for their phenomenal commitment to sustainability for everything that they do.

Past staff campaigns have included Say No to Landfill and Somerset College says No to Plastic Bags and students have recently carried out A Pencil for a Pledge campaigns.

The College is fully committed to developing sustainability throughout the campus

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